Orthomolecular Methods

Orthomolecular Methods

Orthomolecular methods (OM) were developed in reference to scientific findings from the past 50 years. These methods were heavily influenced by the work of the Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, who actually won the Nobel Prize twice. These methods measure

Normally, micronutrients are sufficiently supplied by a balanced diet. Dietary supplements do not serve as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet, but complement it.

The Current State of Nutritional Saturation in Our Food

The richness of our food on a micronutrient level has been decreasing over the years due to acid rain, monocultural farming, etc. Certain farming regions are already recognized as being low in minerals or trace elements. In Styria, Austria, for example, the soil is known to have deficiencies in iodine, selenium, zinc and magnesium, which is why our table salt has included iodine for some time now. In addition to these naturally low levels, our eating habits, especially youth eating habits, have drastically changed towards preferences for fast food and ready-made-meals.

Through hundreds of laboratory tests on vitamins, minerals and trace elements commissioned over the last 10 years, results have confirmed the decreasing levels of micronutrients in our bodies. The results are clear.

Individual Supplementation

To ensure that your body receives the right supply of nutrients, we need balanced and carefully prepared food. The addition of dietary supplements can help us achieve balanced levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and essential fatty acids in addition to our healthy diets. The prerequisite for this success also depends on the quality of the dietary supplements.

The Quality of the Supplements

It is particularly important that the supplements you use are pure, ie, free from additives such as emulsifiers, binders and release agents (for example, magnesium stearate) as well as artificial colors. These additives have been shown to delay or reduce the absorption of the micronutrients in the intestines.