Supporting the Immune System

Supporting the Immune System

Our immune system is like a protective shield that is always active and ready. Despite this readiness, many different factors can weaken the immune system. During these periods the body needs additional support.

The Immune System

It is the immune system’s responsibility to recognize and defend itself from substances that are alien to the body. The immune system is made up of cells from unspecified immune defense (natural killer and scavenger cells) as well as specific immune defense cells (immune response through antibodies). An active immune system is the basis for good health, better quality of life and optimal personal performance.

Burdens on the Immune System

During cold season or stressful situations, the immune system is often extremely overwhelmed. A one-sided diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, too much junk food, environmental influences and allergies can burden the power of resistance of our bodies.

In instances of negative stress or ‘distress’, the immune system is especially overburdened and vulnerable. The body then releases stress hormones and runs at high speed, which causes the immune system to reduce its activity to preserve energy. Under long term stress, the number of immune cells in the body is reduced and the natural killer cells are less active. This makes the body frailer and more susceptible to weakness. This is why we often get cold sores in times of stress.

Micronutrient Care

Immunoactive micronutrients like vitamin C und vitamin D3, as well as the trace element zinc support the healthy function of the immune system and make a worthy contribution to protecting cells from oxidative stress. This creates the basis for a flexible immune system as well as better overall well being.