What are the Advantages of a Subscription?

A subscription offer is available when the purchased products are valued at €29 or more.

If you buy the same product on a regular basis, a new order is automatically placed once the content of the product is about to run out, which will be estimated according to the information provided by you. The item (s) will be dispatched a week before the product contents are at low supply.

How Often will Delivery Take Place?

The delivery interval will be estimated depending on the application instructions of a particular product. You will also have the option of modifying these intervals. Please contact us in this case. A week beforehand, a package containing the subscribed products (s) is sent to avoid having an intermission between applications. You will receive an email informing you that the next subscription shipment is underway. 

In which Quantity will the Product be Delivered?

You decide how any of a specific item you would like to subscribe to. This quantity can be modified thereafter, if you so wish. Please simply email us your request. 

What is the Time Frame of the Subscription

You can unsubscribe at any time. Simply contact our Customer Service:

Can I Pause my Subscription Order?

Yes. Simply contact our Customer Service and the intermission will be adjusted at your request. Should you require the subscription service again, contact us to issue a reactivation. 

The Next Delivery of my Subscription Needs to be Delayed.

Please contact us in a timely manner in order for the delivery date to be modified. Once the subscription order has been dispatched, the process cannot be reversed. 

My Delivery Address has Changed.

Please contact our Customer Service to modify your delivery address details. 

Payment Options for Subscription Orders

Payments for subscription orders can be made using credit card or cash on delivery (Note: Cash on delivery costs are incurred and only available in certain specified countries).