Lycopin from tomato concentrate

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • A red dye and carotenoid
  • Secondary plant substances from tomatoes
  • Lactose Free
    Lactose Free
  • Fructose Free
    Fructose Free
  • Gluten Free
    Gluten Free


Lycopene, the red pigment of the tomato plant, is a phytonutrient and belongs to the carotenoids group. Secondary plant materials are synthesised by the plant to protect it from harmful environmental influences. Pure Encapsulations® Lycopene 10 mg is based on purely natural, high-quality substances.


  • Based on quality and pure substances
  • The highest possible quality standards ensure that the ingredients used are maximally tolerated and have an optimal bioavailability
  • Lactose-free, fructose-free and gluten-free
  • Contains no artificial dyes or flavours


  • Pure Encapsulations® offers the purest products of the highest quality. Their products are free of unnecessary additives or preservatives, and do not contain artificial dyes, trans fats or hydrogenated fats. The recipes are created based on scientific research and are well tolerated by the body as well as easily absorbed.

Recommended use:

  • take 2 x 1 capsule per day with meals.
Nutrients: Plant Extracts
Product Features: Lactose Free, Fructose Free, Gluten Free
Anti-Aging & Beauty: Oxidative Stress


Ingredients per 2 capsules
Tomato concentrate (containing 20 mg of lycopene) 286 mg

Rice bran oil (filler), gelatin, glycerin (capsule), beeswax (thickener), soy lecithin (emulsifier)